As a product of the MTV generation, my stream of consciousness has been shaped by short attention span theater. The 20th and 21st century has seen the speed at which we live our lives increase several times over. From manufacturing and computing to information dissemination and technological advancements, everything seems to change even before we have the time to get used to or even understand the current system. In addition to things happening at a faster pace, the quantity of information available to us increases every second making it difficult to weed out the wheat from the chaff. The influence from this rapid fire barrage of information makes its way into the way I approach my work. These multiple streams of aesthetically dissimilar sets of work develop concurrent to one another yet warrant individual attention. The nature of the theme dictates the style in which I approach the works. A new series is spawned when I feel the need to explore a new technique or theme that doesn't fit within the confines of an existing set of paintings. Starting a new series in no means (as yet) brings about an end for a previous series. I have revisited the Illumination series several times and expect each of these series to continue to grow as they jockey for position in the hierarchy of my attention span.


Made In USA

This most recently added series takes a poignant look at the failing American auto industry.


This series showcases the American entrepreneurial spirit and the opposing force of homogenization in a consumer nation.


Inspired by the events of September, 11 2001, these paintings are abstractions of one of the world's most recognizable icons.


These mixed media paintings on paper are a continuation of the Illumination series with a slight diversion.