Somewhat of a continuation of the Nostalgia series. Where as the Nostalgia series is focussed on the places Americans went in their cars, the Made in the USA series takes a look at the automobiles themselves. These images are abstractions of not only the cars of a bygone era but an increasingly troubled industry that has seen the consumers confidence, loyalty and trust erode over decades of decline. Each mixed media painting is extremely cropped and abstracted creating a thought provoking narrative.

As the bailout money flows to the industry giants in an attempt to stop economic disaster, one needs only to look into their own driveway to see the real reason for the collapse of the auto industry. A complicated amalgam of trade inequities, labor bargaining, governmental regulations, and failed corporate leadership has led to the recent discontinuation of several legendary US brands. In a country that invented the automobile and many innovations that followed, it is sad to see the once powerful and pioneering giants being dismantled and crumbling in the same way their progeny lie rusting after years of good service.

For decades the American automobile was an integral part of our cultural identity and our economic success. They defined us as a nation of innovators, craftsmen and dreamers. The memories born from them and the babies born or conceived in them are all that are left to tell the stories of a time dubbed by many as “The Good Ole’ Days”.

These paintings capture the decay of the legendary hallmarks of some of these brands and allude to the overall deterioration that put these brands at risk of extinction. This series hopes to shed light on a cultural tragedy while taking a nostalgic trip into our past.